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Full 360° views, floor plans, seating charts, and room features can be invaluable resources as your clients are planning their meetings, conferences or expos and considering your space. Virtual tours can include all of this important information and more making them great tools for marketing and for event planning.

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Conference Center Virtual Tours

A virtual tour could be what makes the difference between a prospect choosing your conference center and event space over a competitor's. For the business person or the event planner who might not be able to take an initial walk through with you, a virtual tour could be just the marketing and sales tool that you need to help ensure that your prospective client sees that your facility can meet their needs. Adding interactive elements to the virtual tour such as photos, audio, floor plans, seating charts and/or menus can help create a complete experience of your venue and help the conference center to close more sales.

When an event planner is preparing for that special event it is important for them to have a good understanding of the space their event is going to be held at. Touring a facility in person is helpful, but when the event planner is back at their desk it can be difficult to remember the specifics of the layout of your conference center and/or meeting rooms. A virtual tour can bring your facility clearly back in focus for those who have already visited and forgotten the specifics.

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"This feature surely has added a "special touch" to my web site that I'm sure will generate more traffic and business for me in the future. Once again, thank you for the fantastic tour."

Jim Quinn
Owner of Timber Creek Log Homes