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Virtual tours are like interactive, informative and memorable brochures that can immerse prospective students into dorm and campus life. By experiencing 360 degree views and more of your college's dorms, classrooms, and grounds, prospective students can be assured that filling out an application is the next best step.

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University Virtual Tours

Universities and colleges can use interactive virtual tours to help bring the campus experience to prospective students. By providing prospective students and their families with a virtual tour of the residence halls, classrooms, and on campus facilities you are creating a memorable experience that can help them to make the decision to pick your school and take that next step toward enrolling. You would also be providing a way, for the prospective students who are excited about attending your school, to easily share your college or university experience with their family and friends.

A virtual tour of your college or university can also be a great way to keep alumni and donors up to date with any campus improvements, new buildings, and growth of your university or college.

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"I was blown away with the creativity, high quality, and talent that are exhibited with the piece. We look great! Virtual Tours are a great marketing tool for your business."

Pam Henshall
President/CEO at Biz Buzz, Inc.